La dirección del desarrollo futuro de transformadores electrónicos

August 12 , 2020
According to media reports, the future research and development directions of electronic transformers incluyen sensores pasivos, estructurales combinación funcional de la reutilización, y el componente de normalización.

Passive sensing: Due to the technical advantages of passive sensing methods, independent ECT sensing components will tend to be passive. This includes active sensors that will be self-powered by getting rid of dependence on external sources and move towards quasi-nothing. As a result, the average life cycle of electronic transformers will reach more than 10 years. The optical sensor is put into practical use by improving its measurement performance, simplifying the structure of the system, and reducing the cost.

Structural combination: Utilizing the advantages of electronic micropower and miniaturization, transformers are more combined in components such as transformers, fully enclosed combined electrical appliances, isolation knives and other combined electrical appliances, reducing land occupation and cost, and can also be promoted by function reuse The miniaturization and intelligence of the electrical appliance itself. Various solutions will be combined with each other while playing their respective advantages. In addition to various independent and enclosed current-voltage combined transformers, it is expected that LPCT/ROG-CT and optics will appear in the next few years. Combination version of current transformer.

Function reuse: make full use of the advantages of data sharing, single-point testing, multi-point sharing, the transformer also provides different types of digital interfaces such as Goose, RS485, MU, etc., for sharing of multiple measurement and control equipment, reducing the repeated installation of transformers at multiple points , Make the equipment configuration more compact.

Standardization of components: The standardization of transformer components makes it universal and interchangeable. It can be used as a standard accessory "plug-in" installed in various primary equipment, and transformers from different manufacturers can be replaced and interchanged.
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